MAS114 - Numbers and Groups
Semester One
(formerly known as MAS105)
Autumn 2012
Dr E. Cheng
Office: Hicks J24

Important information about the course
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Past exam papers

Online test instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the online test?
See instructions here.

I don't like my tutorial time. Can I swap?
You can only swap if you have an actual clash, or can find someone to swap with. Otherwise the numbers will go wrong.

I missed the lecture. Can you give me the notes?
If you miss a lecture it's your responsibility to catch up. You should first try and fill in the gaps in the printed notes yourself, then ask a friend who was at the lecture. If you are stuck you can ask in a tutorial or come to my office hours.

Do we have to learn the proofs for the exam?
You need to be able to prove things in the exam. This doesn't necessarily mean learning proofs off by heart - it's better to understand the proof and remember the main idea of it, and then work out the proof logically yourself. People who try to learn proofs off by heart often write down something very similar to a proof, but crucially wrong. 

When will the solutions to the past exam papers become available?
Not until after the end of lectures.

The notes are too chatty for my liking - can you make some less chatty ones for us?
No. If you want more terse notes for revision then I applaud you, but you should make them yourself.

When will the solutions to exercises become available?
They become available every week after the tutorials, at the link below, where it says "booklet of lecture notes, exercises and solutions".

Will the resit exam have the same format as the normal exam?
Yes. I hope you won't be resitting it.

Handouts, links etc
Note that some of these links will not open until the relevant time (eg homework solutions).

My YouTube channel "TheMathsters" has many videos relevant for this course.
It can be found here.
Relevant topics covered by videos so far include:
I aim to keep adding videos, and will accept requests for new videos!

Booklet of lecture notes, exercises and solutions.
This will expand to include solutions week by week.

How to write proofs: a quick guide
A longer version of the Chapter on writing proofs.

Past exam papers

The exam format changed this year as two modules (MAS105 and MAS175) were concatenated.

For a sample paper in the new format, please see Dr Marsh's page for Semester 2 here.

  Here are two past exam papers from MAS105.
Note that their relevance is rather limited as the format of the exam has changed so much.
Also the material in the old MAS105 was not quite the same as Semester 1 of MAS114.

2009-10     solutions
2010-11     solutions

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