11-hole torus
MAS435 - Algebraic Topology
Whole year, 2012-13

Dr E. Cheng

Office: Hicks J24

The picture is Thomas Cottrell's rendition of the 11-holed torus, illustrating how it is a 5 sheeted cover of the 3-holed torus.

Official syllabus information

Semester 1: Tuesday 9-11am: F41 (subject to change)
Semester 2: Wednesday 11am LT4, Thursday 12pm F20

Hatcher's Algebraic Topology can be downloaded free from here.

Handouts, links etc

Semester one
Lecture notes

Semester two (complete as of 28/2/13)
Lecture notes

Sample exam papers

This course is marked by descriptor; please see the exercise booklet for details. 

  This is the third year the course has run year-long, and the fourth year it is marked by descriptor.
This year there will only be four questions on the exam;
the fifth mark will come from the weekly tests.

Here are some sample papers in the old format. For the new format, pretend one of the questions doesn't exist.
Based on what we have and haven't covered in Semester two, my recommendations are in brackets.

Sample paper H (ignore q5)
Sample paper J (ignore q5)
Sample paper K (ignore q4)
Sample paper L (ignore q5)

Solutions to exercises from semester 1
these will become available each week
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Other links

My Klein bottle on YouTube

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