PSSL 80 - Second announcement

Dear All,

This is the second announcement for the 80th Peripatetic Seminar on
Sheaves and Logic, which will be held on the weekend of 3rd and 4th April
in Cambridge, UK.

The conference will be based at Newnham College, with talks taking place
at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

If you would like to attend the PSSL please send an e-mail to Eugenia
Cheng, using the form attached below.


The residential cost will be 102 pounds.  This includes 2 nights bed,
breakfast and lunch at Newnham College, and drinks reception upon arrival.
In addition, for Saturday evening we have organised a large group booking
with a special menu at a restaurant in the centre of Cambridge, serving
Tapas and Paella.  The cost for the three course menu is 15 pounds, making
a total of 117 pounds.

This is based on accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights.  If you
need to stay for more nights this can be arranged at a rate of 32 pounds
per extra night.  Please note that this is single student accommodation
with shared facilities.

If you do not require accommodation the cost for all of the above except
bed and breakfast comes to 41 pounds.  If you require any other
combination of options, you can indicate it on the form.


Payment will be by cash (British pounds) upon registration.
Alternatively, if you prefer and are able, you are welcome to make an
online payment.  I have opened a bank account for this purpose and will
supply details on request.

This information can be found at the PSSL80 website:

Here you can also find information about travel to Cambridge and to
Newnham College.  A list of participants and schedule will be posted in
due course.

We look forward to seeing you in April.

With best regards,

The organisers,

Eugenia Cheng <>,
Martin Hyland <> or
Peter Johnstone <>.


REGISTRATION FORM (please delete as appropriate)

I, __________________________________________, would like to attend the
80th PSSL.

I will not be giving a talk / I would like to give a talk entitled

My affiliation is _____________________________________ (University etc)

I will not require accommodation in Newnham College / I would like
accommodation in Newnham College for the nights of _____________ April

I will not be attending the dinner on Saturday / I would like to attend
the dinner on Saturday for 15 pounds.

I need the following non-standard combination of the above options:

I have the following special dietary requirements:

I expect that the amount payable will be:

Residential + dinner        117 pounds
Residential without dinner    102 pounds
Non-residential + dinner     41 pounds
Non-residential without dinner     26 pounds
+ ____ extra nights @ 32 pounds

TOTAL _________________

I will pay in cash upon registration / I would like to pay online