Dear All,

Registration is now open for the British Mathematical Colloquium
which will be held at the University of Sheffield, Monday March
25th - Thursday March 28th 2013.  The organisers are David Jordan
and Eugenia Cheng (me).

The Category Theory workshop will take place on Tuesday and
Wednesday afternoons, and we are pleased to announce the

Dimitri Ara (Nijmegen)
Nicola Gambino (Palermo and Leeds)
Neil Ghani (Strathclyde)
Martin Hyland (Cambridge)
Victoria Lebed (Paris 7)
François Métayer (Paris 7)
Tamara von Glehn (Cambridge)
Jon Woolf (Liverpool)

We are also pleased to announce that there will be an
"extraordinary" Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic (PSSL)
on Monday March 25th during the day, as a "satellite event" before
the BMC officially starts at 4pm.  There will be several satellite
events in other fields taking place that day as well.  Everyone is
welcome to propose a 25 minute talk for this PSSL; PhD students
are particularly encouraged.  However, there will of course not be
time for as many talks as at a usual PSSL.

The web page for the BMC can be found here:

To register, please click through Registration-->Online Shop where
the whole thing will be handled by the University system.  Please
let me know if you have any trouble with this as I have not used
the system before myself.  

To register for the PSSL please fill in the form at the bottom of
this email and return it to me (Eugenia Cheng

There is a separate webpage for the PSSL here:


Owing to refurbishment issues, only a small amount of university
accommodation is available.  This is available for a three night
package at £35 per night and is booked through the registration
system.  If you would like this option please book early!

Apart from this a number of hotel options are given on the webpage,
and these need to be booked directly.  Oddly enough, booking
online can actually get you a better rate than the university rate
at some of these hotels, if you book early enough (though note that
some of the cheap rates have a no-cancellation policy).

The list of hotels is unfortunately not listed in price order, but
if you search on you can list them according to price.  
I just did a quick search and came up with the following price
ranges, as a total for 4 nights, Sunday-Wednesday:

Harley    £126 (note: sometimes loud music in the bar late at night)
Ibis    £142
Premier Inn    £203
Best Western Cutlers    £180
Jurys Inn    £205.20
Leopold        £297
Novotel     £366
Mercure        £406

The Premier Inn (St Mary's Gate location) and Jurys Inn are
hotels we regularly use for visiting speakers.


There is a lunch option at £7.50 for Tuesday and Wednesday.  
There are also some other lunch options on campus, including
a supermarket (Sainsbury's) but there won't be a lot of time
at lunch time, so if you're not opting for the organised lunch
I'd advise getting hold of your lunch earlier in the day and
bringing it with you.  Lunch arrangements for the PSSL will
be announced nearer the time.


There will be a conference dinner at the Crucible Theatre on
the Tuesday, for £36 including one glass of wine.  (Snooker
fans will know this venue...)  Please note that the capacity
for this dinner is likely to be smaller than the total number
of conference participants, so please book your place early.


The deadline for early registration is February 15th.  After
this the registration fee will go up from £50 to £70 (or £35
to £50 for students).

The final deadline for registration is March 15th.


Sheffield is in the middle of the country and is accessible
by train and from many different airports.  Note that booking
train tickets in the UK is a highly convoluted matter, and
ticket prices do not satisfy the triangle inequality.  For my
personal and non-accredited advice on how to get to Sheffield,
see the PSSL webpage.

Note that the BMC will begin at 4pm on the Monday and end at
lunchtime on the Thursday.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield.

Eugenia Cheng and Nick Gurski
(Category Theory session organisers)


PSSL 94 REGISTRATION FORM (please delete as appropriate)

I, __________________________________________, would like
to attend the "extraordinary" 94th PSSL.

I will not be giving a talk / I would like to give a
talk entitled _________________________________________.

My affiliation is _____________________________________
(University etc).

I expect to be in Sheffield for the following nights:
24/25/26/27/28 March [not binding - just for information].

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