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Sheffield is located in the middle of the country and is quite accessible by train and from many different airports. This information is skewed towards the methods of travel that I've decided to use the most for Sheffield, namely planes and trains, not buses and cars.

See below for information about getting to Sheffield by:

Finally some local information and what to do when you arrive.

Please note that this information comes without guarantee: public transport in the UK is sadly not as efficient or reliable as in other parts of Europe!


By aeroplane

For cheap flights from Europe, flycheapo is useful for working out which airlines fly to and from which peculiar airports. Many more and less peculiar airports are quite convenient for Sheffield:

Manchester airport is in my experience the most convenient for Sheffield.  There are direct train services hourly which take about an hour and 15 minutes.  You can buy your ticket from the ticket office at the train station or in advance online eg here.

Birmingham airport is quite convenient. There's a short train journey to Birmingham New Street station, and then a direct train to Sheffield. The whole journey takes about 1h 40mins.  You can buy the train ticket from the train station when you get there, or in advance online eg here.

Luton, East Midlands and Liverpool airports are fairly convenient, probably in decreasing order as listed.  These all involve a train plus an airport bus connection.  The Luton one goes from Luton Airport Parkway station and is quite quick; the East Midlands one goes from Derby station and is about half an hour. I think the Liverpool one is longer. I think if you buy your train ticket carefully it will include the bus part.

Heathrow and Gatwick are further away but not that difficult.  From Heathrow you take the underground to St Pancras (around 55 mins on Picadilly Line) and then get the train (a little over 2 hours); you will need two separate tickets.  From Gatwick you can take a direct train to London St Pancras  (45 mins) and then get the train; you can get one train ticket all the way from Gatwick to Sheffield.

(There is an express train from Heathrow to London Paddington but that's not very useful for getting to Sheffield.)

London City airport is not an airport I've used much.  It looks like you'd have to take a couple of trains to get to St Pancras, and then the train to Sheffield as above. 

Stansted airport is not very convenient for Sheffield.

By Eurostar

The Eurostar is very convenient for Sheffield as it arrives into St Pancras station, which is where the train to Sheffield departs (see below).  You just need to go upstairs.  You can actually book a train ticket all the way through to Sheffield via the Eurostar website and this is probably the easiest option. It has the added benefit that if one of the trains is late so that you miss the next train, your ticket will be honoured. NB It seems that to make this work you have to book it through the UK Eurostar website.

By train

There are trains to Sheffield from direct from London St Pancras.  The fastest ones take just over two hours and go once per hour on Monday-Saturday; there are slower ones in between and on Sundays.

The ticket system is a bit complicated so I will now attempt to explain it in case you're not familiar with the convoluted system of UK train tickets.  The important thing to note is that there are a lot of different types of ticket, and if you have the wrong type you will be charged a fine of perhaps £50 or £100; you can't just pay the difference on the train. 

The easiest way to get a ticket is to just go to the ticket office at the station and talk to a person, telling them exactly when you're travelling.  If ease is your aim, ignore the rest of this section.

You can save a bit of money by buying in advance online either at East Midlands Trains or (cheaper for Sheffield-London, but stranger, and not on Sundays) Megatrain.


Clear as mud?

Other important facts:
Sheffield train station is about 20-30 minutes' walk from the university and/or most of the listed hotels.  There's a taxi rank in the train station and there's also the tram...

By bus

There are very cheap buses from London to Sheffield from Megabus.  The price can go down as low as £2 each way, but it's quite slow.

By car

I'm afraid I don't have much to say about this.  I once drove to Sheffield from London and got amazingly stuck in traffic around London, and then lost in the one-way system in Sheffield, so I didn't do it again. But I'm sure it's possible.

Local information

A Sheffield taxi number: (0114) 2 39 39 39

Sheffield is very near the Peak District, which is a popular place to go walking and climbing.  If you'd like advice on this, I'm the wrong person to ask. People who know more about it include, I think, every single other person in Sheffield.

What to do when you arrive

We will think of a place to gather on Sunday evening for anyone who'd like to do that. 

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